Ride Leader Guide

Ride Leader Responsibility Guide Sheet

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Ensure safety of all ride participants
  2. Communicate effectively with ride participants pre-ride, on the ride and post-ride.
  3. Ensure QLD road rules are abided by
  4. Provide boundaries for behaviour and safety such that all participants enjoy the ride.

Pre Ride

  1. Advertise the ride on the SRG website with full details (use template)
  2. Arrive early for ride
  3. Brief riders on route and planned break points (if ride length demands) including any nominated “Challenge Points” (sprints, hill climbs or downhill runs).
  4. Brief riders on “Drop Policy”
  5. Ensure all participants:
    1. Have an approved helmet
    2. Have an appropriate and serviced bike and spare tube/s and pump.
    3. Are capable of maintaining the advertised speed for the ride length
  6. For new riders explain group riding safety/etiquette  (see separate guide)
  7. Nominate front rider/s to lead out who are aware of ride route and pace to be set
  8. Make a count of rider numbers
  9. Start ride no later than 5 minutes after that advertised. Riders may have other plans for their day and shouldn’t be made to wait unnecessarily for late comers.


     1.   Maintain discipline in group for the general safety and enjoyment of all.

                   a.   MTB

                   i.      Set pace appropriate to that communicated

                   ii.      Riders to stop at major intersections to reform

                   iii.      Warn riders of conditions and upcoming hazards/obstacles

                  iv.      Warn riders of upcoming Challenge Points

                 b.   Road

                  i.      Set pace appropriate to that communicated

                 ii.      Road rule compliance including only two abreast or single file if conditions require

                 iii.      On larger group rides maintain rear position and provide group instructions/directions as required
                            i.e.  lane changes, traffic, directions to front riders, hazards etc

                  iv.      Warn riders of upcoming Challenge Points

     2.   Injury or mechanical issues should be dealt with in the following manner:

            a.   Stop the ride and if the problem can be resolved in a reasonable time resume the ride when issue resolved

            b.   If the rider cannot continue on ride arrange for them to exit the ride which may involve the need for another
                   rider to volunteer to be an escort or the rider to be picked up or catch some other form of transport.

     3.   Make count of rider numbers particularly after reforming at points the group splits.

     4.   Ensure riders maintain hydration and monitor their general well being.

     5.   Ensure riders who join the ride on route are briefed at the back of the group prior to joining in.

     6.   Maintain group harmony and that everyone is having fun.

Post Ride

  1. Make sure all riders are accounted for and deal with accordingly if someone is missing.
  2. Speak to riders and determine if they enjoyed the ride and if they have any improvement suggestions.
  3. Follow up any injured riders to determine if they are ok.
  4. If a café stop is included make sure bikes are parked safely and the group behaviour does not reflect poorly on SRG.

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